Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

⬤ 01. Structure of this Bachelor Degree

Throughout the Bachelor of Business Administration you acquire the necessary skills to solve challenging business problems as well as gain considerable insight into the specific challenges corporate life is facing. You are set for a promising (international) career thanks to your current economic insights, your management capabilities and your language skills.

During each programme stage you will carry out a cross-disciplinary management project. Through this practical experience you will develop specific competences that are important to the business administrator, including entrepreneurship, problem-solving reasoning and critical reflection. At the same time, these projects encourage independence and team spirit.

Key features of our Bachelor of Business Administration programme are:

  • Management of Business Domains
  • Economic Analysis and International Orientation
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation Professional skills and Employability
  • Mathematical and Statistical Techniques – Research skills
  • Behaviour, Society and Law

⬤ 02. Strengths of this Bachelor Degree

The Business Administration programme combines scientific knowledge with a business-orientation that fits the day-to-day reality of the business world.

This programme offers you a scientific foundation that will help you to think critically and in a problem-solving way. You will take part in education that is practice-oriented and will build skills that will come in handy in a professional context (regarding communication, leadership, independence, and teamwork).