Picture credit: Segway


In the rapidly evolving realm of shared mobility, the intricacies of parking have become increasingly complex. The traditional global navigation satellite system (GNSS), employed for vehicle positioning, encounters limitations, particularly in urban areas surrounded by tall buildings or carports. To address these challenges, a revolutionary solution has emerged – the Bluetooth Parking Beacon, working in harmony with IoT technology. This innovative approach not only enhances parking accuracy but also reshapes the way shared scooters and bikes are managed in designated parking areas.


The Need for Precision

As cities worldwide impose stricter regulations on shared mobility operators, the demand for parking accuracy has never been higher. The GNSS, relying on satellite signals, faces challenges in areas with poor signal operation, leading to inaccurate vehicle positioning. The Bluetooth Parking Beacon addresses this issue, creating an invisible parking fence and increasing accuracy in challenging environments such as streets surrounded by tall buildings and carports.


How Bluetooth Parking Beacon Works

The integration of Bluetooth Parking Beacon with IoT technology introduces a seamless process for users and operators. The step-by-step process ensures precise and unmanned management of orderly parking:

  1. User parks the vehicle in a designated area.
  2. Beacons interact with the vehicle’s IoT, generating Bluetooth low energy (BLE).
  3. IoT chip determines BLE strength, judging the distance between the vehicle and Beacon.
  4. An invisible “electronic fence” is formed in the parking area, recognizing whether the vehicle is reasonably parked.
  5. Real-time geofence enforcement ensures compliance with designated parking zones.
  6. Vehicle location is displayed, facilitating easy retrieval for other users.


High-Precision Positioning and On-board Geofence

The Bluetooth Parking Beacon incorporates Dual-band (L1+L5) GNSS, Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR), and Multi-constellation technology. This ensures high-precision positioning even in challenging urban environments, such as canyons, underground passages, and tunnels. The On-board Geofence function further enhances real-time enforcement, providing instant feedback on whether the vehicle is within a designated parking zone.


Addressing Regulatory Requirements

Cities and closed parks are increasingly enforcing stringent regulations on shared mobility operators, ranging from designated parking areas to fixed small parking frames. The Bluetooth Parking Beacon not only meets these regulatory requirements but surpasses them, ensuring that shared scooters and bikes are parked only in specified sites, irrespective of environmental obstructions.



In the face of evolving urban landscapes and the growing popularity of shared mobility, the Bluetooth Parking Beacon emerges as a game-changer in addressing the challenges of parking accuracy. By seamlessly integrating with IoT technology, this solution not only meets but exceeds the regulatory requirements, providing a scalable and efficient approach to prevent chaos in shared scooter and bike parking areas. As cities continue to embrace shared mobility, the importance of such parking technology cannot be overstated, offering a glimpse into the future of orderly and technology-driven urban transportation.