Startup Job

Uber, UBEREats

Uber Eats was one of several experimental services trialled in 2014, as then-CEO Travis Kalanick tried to use the company’s ride-sharing platform to break into other transportation sectors.

Originally, Uber Eats delivered a fixed price menu in a small Santa Monica, California test area. The service soon expanded to include Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, and more local restaurants were invited to join. Within a year, Uber Eats was available in Barcelona, New York, and Chicago.

Uber has held the number one position in many countries for food delivery. Uber Eats is available in 6,000 cities, with 600,000 supported restaurants

I Joined The Brussels Team Early On

I had the privilege of being among the pioneering employees of Ubereats in Brussels. As part of the early team, I played a critical role in launching multiple cities and expanding the company’s reach across the region. This experience provided me with invaluable insights into working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment alongside a team of exceptional individuals.

I honed my skills and gained significant experience, which I went on to leverage in my subsequent entrepreneurial ventures in the fields of mobility and technology. The experience I gained while working at Ubereats allowed me to understand the importance of innovation and creativity in driving growth and success. It also instilled in me a passion for entrepreneurship, as I witnessed firsthand the incredible impact that can be achieved by applying new ideas and innovative strategies to existing problems.

Overall, my time at Ubereats was a defining chapter in my career journey, and the lessons and experiences I gained have continued to shape my work in the years since.